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Guide to Wedding Planners and What They Do

If you want to take off the burden of wedding preparations from your shoulders then hiring a professional wedding planner will do just that for you. Wedding planners have the right connections and they are very creative. This is their passion and they don’t look at it as a job.

If you hire a wedding planner, he will make you choose from three different packages that they offer. The package that the couple will choose will largely depend on their need and the budget that they have. The three packages that wedding planners offer include full service, partial service or day planner package.

From the hiring to the end of the wedding celebration, the wedding planner is at his job. He will represent the family and will keep the communication lines open for all concerned parties. He often mediates when there are differences in views.

The responsibilities of a wedding planner include setting the budget and staying within it. He will look for a reception and ceremony venue and will book the photographers, videographers, florist, entertainers, and bridal car. He will negotiate with all of these to get the minimum cost and he will establish a timeline and ultimately sees to it that the timeline is followed. The rehearsals and the wedding day itself will be under his charge. He is also responsible to follow up all the necessary jobs after the wedding. All these services are included in a full service package.

The second package is the partial package where the wedding couple designs their wedding and the planner acts as a guide and assistant to the couple. In this package the decisions are made by the bride and groom, and the planner gives his professional opinion based on his knowledge of event planning.

A partial planner collects information about the bride and groom, meet all concerned parties and do budget evaluation. He will negotiate prices with vendors and establish the timeline. The wedding planner is expected to be at the catering meeting, rehearsals, the wedding and the reception.

A day planner sees to it that whatever the bride and groom planned goes smoothly as expected. He gives proper directions to the vendors involved in the wedding. His most crucial task is the timeline. He sees to it that that exact timing is executed. He will organize rehearsals, assign a staff to the bride and groom on the day of the wedding, check the vendors at the wedding and the timeline. He may also attend to post wedding necessities.

The final choice is with the bride and groom. If they have time and specific plans, then they just need the part time and day planner. The full service package is for couples who has no more time to make wedding preparations.

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