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The effect of a scam in your credit card on your bank account from your small business can be very influential . The card insurer may not be held liable mostly when the sales are made through telephone and internet, it is, therefore, the duty of a business merchant to take responsibility for all his credit cards and prevent fraud as much as possible. In order to prevent any raise of card rates or even close down of your card from accessing your bank account due to fraud, one should make sure that his credit card is not prone to any fraud activity whatsoever.

Online the industry is here to stay, this translates that many people make payments through online channels, this being the case it may be expected that credit card fraud may continue to raise rather than to go down. Having this in mind it is right that there are some factors or security measures that one can adopt to make sure that his credit card is free from any fraudulent activity. Consistency of information is critical and no detail should be left out when one needs consistency, this being the case many banks through a method known as addresses verification system, whereby a cross reference is done to ascertain whether the card owner address corresponds with the address in the bank, if any mismatch is noted a red flag will always be raised so as to avoid any fraud activity.

Since all credit card does have a verification number it is always good to confirm that and ensure that its read from the actual card, this measure will provide some protection of the map from fraud.

Since through address verification system the seller has the address of his buyer a policy should be adopted to make sure that all the goods that are to be shipped go directly to his residence as per the ones are given in his address.

Since it can be easy to forge money orders and cheques more so if they are made through the online mail, it is therefore essential to make sure that one verifies all checks and money orders keenly to detect any counterfeit. Among another best way to avoid fraud through the cheques and money orders is to ensure that you don’t make any delivery of goods to a given customer not unless you have checked with your bank and ascertain that the cheque or money order will be cashed this will profoundly reduce fraud.

Verification of customers shipping address and his presence through the process of PayPal does help many sellers to ascertain the identity of the said client. Any suspicious activity that can be noted before shipping of the goods should be investigated immediately, this will eliminate any chances of fraud in the business, this may even include calling directly to the customer on phone to ascertain whether the order is legitimate or not, doing this is very easy but also very convenient and in case it was a fraud it will be evaded.

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