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Why WordPress? Looking at the Most Important Benefits

WordPress is killing it and the fact that almost 30% of websites on the internet are created using the platform is a testament of how dominant it is. There are more than a handful of distinctive attributes that WordPress has compared to other content management systems. As such, the plan of building online presence and creating websites must always include WordPress as the primary choice for CMS and we listed the best reasons why below:

1 – It’s Free

Just try asking all the internet marketing gurus you can think of and they will tell you the same thing, which is the fact that WordPress is the perfect tool for someone who is to build a website for the first time. This is because you can create a fully functioning website with WordPress without the need to pay anything. Of course, you always can go premium and pay some extra in doing so, but for the moment, the platform gives you more than enough of what you need, including the ability to connect with other bloggers, post content, and more.

2 – It’s the Most Flexible Out There

Another benefit of using WordPress is that it’s the most versatile CMS platform out there. It’s a kind of platform that can easily fit all sorts of business or brand representation, even government agencies and private organizations. Even marketing companies like Jezweb make use of it knowing that they can easily create visually-appealing and user-friendly websites. Flexibility in this case means you can create a WordPress site that’s intended to be a blog, a website showcasing your business, or even an online store.

3 – It’s Very Easy to Work With

If you consider yourself as a neophyte in web design, then you don’t have to worry when you’re working with WordPress since it’s so easy that practically everyone can easily learn it in a day or two. Due to its streamlined platform, creating a website via WordPress is so easy since you will be provided a comprehensive guide all throughout the process. Simply put, it’s a very straightforward process and the only skill you need is reading.

4 – It Is Responsive

Now if your website you plan on building is intended to market your brand or business online, it only means you need it to rank high in the search engine results pages. For that to be realized, you need to build one that’s mobile responsive or friendly. The thing is there’s a current trend in which many consumers who shop online are using their mobile devices to buy stuff, so this means your website must be responsive enough to be viewed on a smaller screen like in a smartphone. Thankfully, WordPress has so many different mobile-friendly themes that will guarantee your website will be viewed in majority if not all mobile platforms without issues.

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